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Roda Rico (Amusement Ride) Cardido Portinari Park

Roda Rico (Amusement Ride)

Long-term events

Admire the city from a panoramic view on the largest Ferris wheel in Brazil and Latin America.

São Paulo Carousel Villa-Lobos Park

São Paulo Carousel

Long-term events

With works by 30 different artists, exactly like the old carts and with rich details, come check it out!

Espaço quiosque Villa-Lobos

Find your refuge connecting with nature

Since 1989, Villa-Lobos Park has been the perfect destination for events, sports, and leisure in perfect harmony with nature. Enjoy a cultural and artistic atmosphere while connecting in a special way with the park.

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Espaço quiosque Villa-Lobos

Looking for thrills or tranquility?

At Candido Portinari State Park, there are plenty of options: you’ll find a skate park, multi-sports courts, and beach volleyball courts. Moreover, we are pet-friendly, ensuring that the whole family is welcome.

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How to Get There


Access 1 | Spaces A

Queiroz Filho Avenue | 1.365

Access 2 | Spaces B

Queiroz Filho Avenue | 1.315

Spaces C

Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue | 2.281

Access 5 | Spaces F

Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue | 1.025

Access 3 | Main

Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue | 2.001

Pickup and Drop-off D | Taxi, APP, vehicles, and buses. No parking allowed!

Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue | 2.001

Access 4 | Military Police

Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue | 1.655

Access 6 | Administration

Arruda Botelho Avenue | 170

Overpass Access | CPTM and bike path

Marginal Pinheiros
Calendar of events


  • Educational Events
  • Cultural events
  • Social Events
  • Entertainment


  • Connection with nature

    Disconnect from the concrete jungle and reconnect with nature: the perfect place to relax or venture into new experiences.

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  • How to get here

    By car, subway, bus, or train: no matter how, come visit us. Click here and find out the best routes from wherever you are.

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  • Inside the guidelines

    Commitment to the environment and society: that's the essence present in all our parks.

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  • Learning in the park

    Live experiences where fun, culture, art, and learning come together.

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  • Events and attractions

    Explore our parks and enjoy amazing outings while we take care of preserving the fauna and flora. Bring your whole family to experience unforgettable moments together.

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  • Park Map

    Access our complete map to guide your visit and explore all the available delights.

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Without a shadow of a doubt

Here, all questions have answers. Discover everything about our parks and learn how to make the most of them.

Villa-Lobos: Professor Fonseca Rodrigues Avenue, 2001 (Acesso 3) – Alto de Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP

Candido Portinari: Queiroz Filho Avenue, 1365 (Acesso 1) – Vila Hamburguesa, São Paulo – SP

Every day, from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

Yes, Villa-Lobos Park has a playground area located next to the library. Candido Portinari Park also has one.

Yes, visitors are welcome to bring their own snacks. The park’s green areas are ideal for picnics.

No, neither Villa-Lobos nor Candido Portinari Park has locker facilities.

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