Educational Program

The environmental education program of Villa-Lobos Park promotes educational experiences that engage the community and park users in caring for nature and building a more sustainable society.

Strengthen positive connections with natural and cultural heritage;

Facilitate the development of knowledge and skills for building a sustainable and healthy way of life;

Encourage behavior changes that generate a culture of sustainability in its environmental, social, cultural, and economic aspects;

Learn about and participate in our educational program!

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Educational Agenda

A forest in the city: educational mediation and immersion in the Pocket Forest

Birdwatching: birdwatching at Espaço Vida

Urban Agroforestry Workshop


Life Space

With an area of 3,700 square meters, the Life Space is an environment that invites the community and park visitors to explore urban biodiversity and our natural heritage.

Fruit trees attract birds such as thrushes and parakeets, which can be observed and admired by visitors. In the beds, we cultivate aromatic herbs, vegetables, therapeutic plants, and unconventional food plants (PANCs), providing a sensory experience and a unique connection with the plant world.

Life Space is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm. On weekends and holidays, we offer workshops, exhibitions, and other educational activities conducted by the Environmental Education team. Check our Educational Agenda and participate!

Educational Visits

Want to visit Villa-Lobos Park with your group on a guided tour by our educators? Fill out the form on the side to receive more information about our Educational Visits Program for schools.