Villa-Lobos Park

Villa-Lobos Park

Incredibly beautiful.

The beauty of Villa-Lobos Park is incomparable. With a vast green area and various options for sports, leisure, and culture, here you will find a true paradise.

It spans 732,000 m², with over 28,000 planted trees and attractions for the whole family: 2.4 km of walking and running tracks; 3.5 km of cycling paths for bike enthusiasts, as well as multi-sports courts, incredible events, and cultural attractions.

Come visit us!

A breathtaking

To offer the best possible experience, we have invested in new signs and the construction of a new Environmental Education Center. Additionally, Villa-Lobos’ landscaping project has some novelties: we are completing the planting of 8,400 native tree seedlings, totaling 37,000 trees in the park.

Nature embraces us.
And we embrace it back.

An example of how we care for nature is the “Tree Circuit,” an area with walkways that allow observation of native species. This initiative allows people to enjoy nature while contributing to its conservation by avoiding trampling and soil compaction.

The trees and plants are grateful.

Exuberant nature and vibrant culture: discover Villa Lobos Park.

We take care of every little detail daily to preserve all of the park’s original characteristics and make it even better for visitors.

Enjoy the new cultural and environmental attractions, as well as leisure activities for the whole family, all within an area of 732,000 m² filled with exuberant nature.

Discover the Various Possibilities
of Villa-Lobos Park

Sports and
Physical Activities:

The park offers sports courts for soccer, basketball, and tennis, as well as spaces for yoga practice. There are also areas for walking and running, basketball courts, soccer and volleyball fields, and much more.

Culture and

The park’s library offers a diverse collection of books, magazines, and newspapers. There are spaces for cultural events, such as concerts and exhibitions. There are also areas dedicated to environmental education.


Visitors can rent bicycles and quad bikes to explore the park’s trails. This is a fun way to enjoy the natural environment and experience outdoor leisure moments.